Ha! It's working!

Yes, I knew it! Books are the ultimate motivation! I have lost my first kilo and have ordered my first book! Yay me!

Animal lover that I am, I opted for a scientific book on marine biology.

I’ve adjusted the diet somewhat though. Let’s see…

1) No alcohol. *sob* But only on special occasions. Or if I really, really want some.
2) Three meals a day. No food in between. (Water/tea/coffee is ok.) But mainly finishing whatever baby doesn’t eat.
3) Make a big pot of green tea every morning and drink it all the same day. Green tea sucks…
4) Go out with baby every day. (The grocery store just around the corner doesn’t count.) Yes! So far so good.
5) Weigh myself every morning. Too depressing.
6) Don’t eat or drink anything I wouldn’t want baby to eat or drink. (I.e. not too much sugar/salt/fat, but lots of veggies and fruit.) (One exception: coffee.) Ha ha ha…
7) (My favorite one!) For every kilo I lose, I get to buy a BOOK! *squee!!* That way I can look down at my big, fat belly, and instead of becoming depressed and eating three bars of chocolate (What? Chocolate does a happy-hormone-thingy!) I can look down and go: “Awesome! Twenty new books!!” Yes!!

New rule: I’ve started going to the gym! Will go twice a week. Went on Sunday and it still hurts… (Yes, I’m a sissy…)


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