It's time to grow up


Enough with the drinking till I’m tipsy. Or worse.

Enough with the cussing.

Enough with the junk food.

Enough with the being unable to stick to routines.

Enough with the spending too much money.

Enough with the not taking care of my health and body.

Enough with the changing my mind. About everything. All the time

I am a mom now, and it’s time to start being an adult.

Here are the things I would like to change:

1) No. More. Alcohol. Just one drink is no fun. And it’s never made you feel more happy than you already were.
2) No more cussing. It serves no good purpose.
3) Eat healthy. Be a role model when it comes to food. Be brave enough to say no when someone offers something.
4) Set up simple, easy routines and stick to them, i.e.: Shower every 1-2 days. Put a load of laundry in before going to bed and hang it up in the morning. (Electricity is cheaper at night.) ((We do a lot of laundry.)) Always wash baby’s bottle, clean up the kitchen, and tidy up baby’s toys when he’s sleeping. Give baby three baths a week. Brush and floss your teeth before going to bed.
5) Think before spending money: Are you sure? Baby has plenty of toys right now. He doesn’t need any more clothes right now. You do not need to dye your hair again.
6) Go to the gym just once a week, but stay as long as you want to and don’t feel guilty about not being at home. Just do one workout per week, but make it a really, really good one.
7) Live in the present. Think about and plan for the future, too, but enjoy right now. Baby will never be this age again. Every day he learns new things and becomes more independent. Enjoy right now.
8) Reduce. You do not need a tattoo, so stop thinking about what you would get. You do not need to pin things on Pinterest every day. You do not need to read about MBTI every day. You do not need to check your email more than once a day. You do not need to go on Tumblr every day. Reduce. Be content. You have a terrific life.
9) Sunday is family day. Don’t clean or go to the gym on Sundays. Do what’s necessary, but let it mainly be a day where you spend time together as a family.
10) Dress modestly. There’s no good reason not to.
11) Sleep more. Try to go to bed between 10-10:30 pm.

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