Frustratingly cute #65

Oh my, it's been almost five months since my last post! Eep! Bunnybear is still very, very cute though, so I will go through some of my favorite adorable things from the last few weeks...

  • One morning he woke up and started talking about a cow: "The cow over there ... is eating grass ... Yes."
  • While eating one day he was pretending to be a car. I asked him what color he was. "Red." So I asked him what sort of car he was, i.e. truck, ambulance, ... "Toaster!" "You're a toaster car?" "Yeah. ... It goes plop!"
  • Bunnybear usually wanders into the bathroom if I'm in there for 'too long', so he's been a witness to the monthly horror of females in their reproductive years. "Mommy's butt is bleeding!"
  • Bunnybear still gets upset every now and then when daddy goes to work, so I have tried to explain to him that daddy needs to go to work for monetary reasons. This is his summary: "The boss gives the coins to the daddy."


#really, preschooler?

#my how time flies

#he's not actually in any preschool yet

#that's gonna be fun

#i don't trust people, but hey! i'm gonna leave my little boy with a bunch of complete strangers


#frustratingly cute



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