Frustratingly cute #70

A while ago, bunnybear had this rather strange conversation with daddy (not verbatim):

Bunnybear: "Want to eat mommy and daddy. Then mommy and daddy would be in your belly. [Then] you can't find mommy and daddy. You would have a tummy ache." (He still mixes up you and I...) "The doctor would be rude."

Daddy: "Why [would she be rude]? What would she say?"

Bunnybear: "Don't eat mommy and daddy!"

Other strange things he's said (though I replaced his name with bunnybear):

  • "Bunnybear is a blue cup where the hand comes." (This is from a YouTube video where stuff happens to little balls.)
  • "One kid is singing nicely. Three people think it's cute." (Listening to Christmas music.)
  • "Mommy's an old lady."
  • "Bunnybear is a yellow M&M."
  • "Bunnybear is a blue N-M-N."
  • "Bunnybear is half-naked Mickey Mouse with some big red shorts."

And my favorite:

  • "We looked down because we all saw something." (After lowering our heads while praying for our meal.) "We looked down because we're beautifully brained."


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