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Frustratingly cute #51

Bunnybear is in bed and reciting one of his books. It's about a bunny and a bear (bunnybear!) playing hide and seek. "Where's bear?" "There." "Is he..." *mumble mumble* "...?" "Noooo..." "Is ...


Frustratingly cute #50

Bunnybear loves books, and he has quite a few that he loves to hear over and over (and over and over and over) again. Now sometimes when we're reading him one of those, he'll interrupt and continue telling the story from memory. He can't say all ...


Ha! It's working!

Yes, I knew it! Books are the ultimate motivation! I have lost my first kilo and have ordered my first book! Yay me!


Being fat sucks

...for me. My thighs have declared war on each other. (That really rubs me the wrong way!) The pressure of my waistband keeps reminding me of when my belly was horrifically sliced open. (C-section.)