Frustratingly cute #50

Bunnybear loves books, and he has quite a few that he loves to hear over and over (and over and over and over) again. Now sometimes when we're reading him one of those, he'll interrupt and continue telling the story from memory. He can't say all the words yet, so often he'll just say something that sounds a bit like how the text goes, and emphasize the words he does know how to say. (He does that with songs too, i.e. "*mumble* *mumble* *mumble* star! How I *mumble* *mumble* ... Up above *mumble* *mumble* ... Like a *mumble* *mumble* ...")

Today we saw some birds and I said 'Hello birdy!', which is actually a line from one of the books he likes. At some point later I thought he was saying something about tissues (he has a cold) but eventually realized he was saying 'tiptoe slowly', which is another line from the 'Hello birdy!' book!


#frustratingly cute




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