Frustratingly cute #76

Bunnybear shall now be known as honeybear, because he loves honey so much. Seriously, bread with honey, honey mustard, honey pickles, honey yogurt, honey cookies, ...

Honeybear is into inventing. For a while he wanted me to come up with things he could invent at bedtime. I think his favorite "inventions" had to do with toilets for some reason.

We went to the zoo in Basel a while back. We took the train, and honeybear saw a bunch of animals for the first time (elephants, giraffes, hippos, ...) but I think his favorite part of that day was the toilet we used at the trainstation: you have to push a button to open the door - it slides open to the side - and inside there's a button for everything - the flush, soap, water. And when you leave the bathroom and the door closes, you can hear the whole room being cleaned with a showering system, and it leaves the floor very wet. He loves to explain to people how he thinks the whole thing works.

He invents words sometimes. We now have three alternative ways to say 'I love you': "Simbamba", "Yuububadi", and "Flamango". And "fabi labi" apparently means 'froggy lobby'. And instead of 'Oops-a-daisy' he likes to say "Oops-a-daisy-ukulady-daisy".

One time he invented a little song where he sang: "Simbamba, simbamba, I wish I was a carrot."

At the moment he wants his daddy or I to invent stories at bedtime. I asked him what kind of story he'd like and he said he'd like one about "Lollypig". So Lollypig lives in a treehouse with Lollycow, they have a cool bathroom with lots of buttons and motion sensors, and a cool three-level bunkbead with an elevator - the top bed is for honeybear when he visits them. They are friends with a horsey who lives in a wooden castle, a goat who lives in a cozy cave (think Hobbit hole, and also hammocks) and a sheep who lives on a houseboat. And very important: the bunkbead elevator has a motion sensor.

On an unrelated note: One day honeybear's daddy told him: "I love you so much." I also told honeybear, "I love you." And honeybear responded by saying, "I like toilets."


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