Frustratingly cute #77

This is our (current) standard bedtime routine:

  1. PJs
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Read a story (or a couple of chapters in a book)
  4. Sing "It's Time for Sleepy Time"
  5. Honeybear picks which parent should put him to bed and that parent holds him in their arms
  6. The other parent and honeybear say "night night" to each other, that parent then says "I love you" and walks out of the room
  7. After that parent is gone, honeybear loudly says "I love you!" and that parent then runs into the room in a silly way (my current go-to move is to stick out my index fingers, hold them out over my forehead, crouch, go "MOO!" and run into honeybear's bedroom and poke him with my cow horns, which usually results in lots of tickling and giggling)
  8. Then honeybear gives a command (i.e. to poke the table in the living room with my "horns") which the parent then does. Ideally this triggers more giggles.
  9. The chosen bedtime-parent then gives honeybear his sippy cup, sits down on the bed with honeybear in their lap, and is then given the job to invent a story
  10. Bedtime-parent invents a story while honeybear (sometimes) drinks some water
  11. When the story's finished honeybear declares that it was either a short, medium or long story
  12. Honeybear gets tucked in, and either the bedtime-parent or honeybear tell a "short story". (Today honeybear told one: there was a sheep there [points to side of bed], then a donkey came ["Iii-ah!"], then he kissed him. The end.)
  13. Smooches, cuddles, bedtime-parent holds up tucked in blankie a little so honeybear can turn around and get comfy.
  14. Bedtime-parent and honeybear tell each other "night night"
  15. Bedtime-parent closes the door, pulls the noise-dampening curtain, and waits
  16. After a very short while honeybear calls out "Ah! Ah! Ah!" and the bedtime-parent goes back in
  17. Honeybear is sitting up in bed and trying to think of a reason why he needed bedtime-parent back (i.e. he needs to blow his nose/to drink some more water/some cream on his feet/... Today he said "How about a hug?")
  18. When that's all done, he usually asks something like, "Will the night be very long, even in the morning?" (The answer is, if you sleep it will go by like that *snaps fingers* if you don't sleep, it will take a looooong time.)
  19. Hold blankie up again so honeybear can turn around again
  20. "Night night" again, close the door, make sure the curtain is in place

Tonight honeybear's daddy wasn't home, so we left out steps 5-8. Something else that was different was that he didn't want to drink any more water, but he didn't want to lie down right away either. (Duh!) So I asked him if he'd like to tell me a story for a change, since he wasn't going to drink any water anyway. This is his story. (Not verbatim.)

Moo-moo (his lovey, which is a cow) was going for a walk. Suddenly a big, ginormous, scary, spooky T-Rex showed up and tried to eat him! But it was only a trick; the T-Rex just ate some grass. Moo-moo was very happy that T-Rex didn't eat him. He kept walking. All of a sudden, he saw Hello Kitty! Moo-moo said hi, and explained that he was lost, and that he was a little scared, because the T-Rex tried to eat him, but it had only been a trick. Hello Kitty said "Oh yes!" (and nodded his head in an understanding way) but said "But it was only a trick" (to remind Moo-moo that the T-Rex hadn't eaten him). Then they kept walking together, and suddenly a bunch of knights attacked them and made them all dead! They (Moo-moo and Hello Kitty) were dead for a long, long time, until one day a witch came along and waved some magic over them. Then, when the sun shone on them, they weren't dead anymore and could move again. And they lived happy ever after. The end.


#frustratingly cute

#he invented a word


#it means i love you

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#he's four-and-a-half

#best storyteller ever

#love, love, love this story


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#they lived happy ever after



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JoAnn | Jan 17, 2020
Loved it all! Besides knowing how much he is loved, you are making memories that will last forever. 💗